Address: 35 Orchard St.
What To Order: You'd think a few Po-Boys would be easy to secure in New York City, like almost every other kind of cuisine out there. Think again: There's something about Louisiana Cajun cuisine that's kept it from being done (or at least: being done right) in the big city, unlike every other derivative take on Southern food that otherwise took the city by storm in 2005 and never let go since. Thank your Saints for Cheeky's, then: An LES/Chinatown thimble-sized storefront that dishes out perfect Po-Boys, with NoLa-imported bread and all. Seeing as how the big game's in the Crescent City this year, no better way to celebrate the fact that you wish you were there with these guys. Oh, and also: Mad cheap. But you knew they'd be.
Price: $6 - $8/Sandwich.