Neighborhood: Times Square
Address: 42nd St., between Broadway and 8th Ave.
Date Visited: 12/2/2012
Smelled Like: That Subway Smell
Most Heinous Feature: The prison-like entry system.

The subway bathrooms of New York City are elusive. There are varied, conflicting reports about them; the very existance of some remains up for debate. The most ridiculous of these mythological lavatories is the one located in the middle of the Times Square subway station. These slim booths sit behind glass, militantly attended by an MTA employee who waits in the wings with his own key ring. He must buzz you into the bathrooms, and if the buzzer doesn't work, he'll have to let you in on his own.

Perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky, though. We can only imagine what these bathrooms were like before these odd precautions were added. What happened here to require high-security bathrooms? What stories would these dank-ass walls tells if they could talk?