Neighborhood: Chelsea
Address: 1 Penn Plaza
Date Visited: 12/2/2012
Smelled Like: B.O.
Most Heinous Feature: The number of people there that aren't trying to use the bathroom.

If you're nostalgic for the old New York, and by "the old New York," we mean vagrants and hustlers bickering in public, this is the restroom for you. This restroom seems to be the official meeting place for Gotham's seediest characters (perhaps this is a Meetup group we're unaware of?). In the short time we spent in the bathroom, we heard enough conversations about potential business opportunities, challenges to fights, and general shit-talking to fill the grittiest slice-of-life indie drama.

The bathrooms were appropriately foul, but most of the people in the bathroom weren't using the facilities. Those using the stalls weren't even using them for their proper functions. The stalls here work like miniature motel rooms/phone booths/changing rooms. Our photographer waited twenty minutes just to get a picture of the stall above.