Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Address: Grand St., between Chrystie and Forsyth St.
Date Visited: 12/9/2012
Smelled Like: Human Waste
Most Heinous Feature: The regulars.

And here's another one. This is less a restroom than it is an itinerant community. In the half-hour we spent there, we saw folks bathing in the sink, downing 40s on the john, getting dressed for work, discussing the day's events, and then a number of things that we couldn't understand. The women's restroom has been commandeered by actual bathroom users, particularly young children with soccer scrimmages. But it looks like the NYC Parks Department has given up on the idea that the men's room will ever again be a functioning bathroom, as it hasn't been attended to since, probably, the Carter administration. Who needs it as a bathroom, anyway? It's such a versatile space. Imagine the potential if you wiped the urine off all the surfaces? The mind reels.