That Monday morning commute can bring the animal out of anyone, but one woman completely lost her shit and threatened to stab another on the 6 train in New York yesterday. A tipster sent Gothamist the video, along with this explanation of the altercation:

There were serious delays on the downtown 6 train today which made for some packed trains, and it clearly got to some people...

I didn't hear the beginning of the fight as I had headphones on. But I can tell you that the black woman was sitting down, and the Hispanic (?) woman was standing and stepped on her foot. They started arguing about the foot stomping, and then the Hispanic (?) woman assaulted the black woman (with blonde hair) while she was sitting. Black woman stands up and the fight started...about where the movie starts.

One man does a decent job stopping fight, and the black woman is now bleeding from her face and takes a seat. After a few minutes, the black woman who was assaulted goes NUTS. Hispanic woman runs through a PACKED train trying to get away, and the black woman is now swinging a pen in her hand trying to stab the other woman. There was nowhere to run and everyone was trying to restrain this woman.

Train stopped at 76th, and everyone in last car exits to get away from screaming crazy lady saying she is "getting her knife". Eventually the black woman got off train as she continued to bleed. I didn't stick around to find out what happened after that.

As Gothamist puts it, anyone that can say, "Okay, I'll go back and find my knife," in a calm manner will probably plunge it into your body with the same chilling serenity. Avoid anyone who admits their willingness to go to jail over something so seemingly unimportant, unless you're twice as crazy. 

What would New York be without a subway altercation?

[via Gothamist]