Most iconic role: Troy Bolton in High School Musical (2006)
Age: 25
Place of birth: San Luis Obispo, CA
Most recent project: The Paperboy (movie, 2012)

Where is Zac Efron now? Resting on a bed of money. He sleeps well on pillows and mattresses flush with cash from High School Musical sequels and the opportunities afforded by them. He reclines in underwear his friend Lee Daniels picked out for him. They're small and cocaine bright. He grins every now and then thinking about how his friend Nicole Kidman pissed all over his bare body in The Paperboy. Yes, jokes.

Unlike so many DCOM stars, Efron is a golden god, untouchable for right now in the womb of his recent success. Servants bring him the single piece of hate mail we send each morning about Charlie St. Cloud and that motherfucker just shrugs it off. —RS