Because another show about wives is just what television needed, TLC has greenlit a series about married beauty pageant contestants, tentatively called Pageant Wives. According to Deadline, the series is basically everything you'd expect a TLC reality show to be: It "revolves around five aspiring married pageant queens from the Denver area whose every waking moment is focused on primping and looking competition-ready as they devote their time, money, and family’s patience to do everything they can to win that coveted sash and crown." In other words, it's like Toddlers & Tiaras for the women who can't settle for living vicariously through their children. 

The cast will consist of a "pageant pro" who has makes over 300 appearances in pageants a year, a woman who has competed in pageants for 25 years but has yet to win a crown, and a "fiercely competitive" pageant director who thinks her job has some sort of meaning. 

Production will begin this month, with TLC eyeing a premiere date some time next year. The only thing that can stop this now is the world ending in two days.

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[via Deadline]