The Soldier: Maggots!

Key Roles: Raining Death, Leading the Charge

Best For: The few, the brave, the proud

Don't think. Thinking's for the weak! Real men know how to blindly charge into battle and blow everything in their path to smithereens. If that doesn't work, you can always rocketjump your way past enemy reinforcements and rain down upon them a torrent of missile-powered fury. Who says you need a chopper for aerial attacks?

Loadout A: Beggar's Bazooka, Righteous Bison, Half-Zatoichi

Stupid's your middle name. Or wait... maybe it's your first? Ah, who can remember these things anyway?! This loadout's about going balls-to-the-wall aggressive and holding nothing back. The Beggar's Bazooka allows you to load and fire up to three rockets simultaneously, giving you the ability to launch a near-undodgable wall of death at the opposing force. This drais your ammo rather quickly of course, but that's alright because the Righteous Bison packs enough of a punch in its own right to be more than a backup when you run out. It pierces enemies, allowing you to hit multiple targets at once and never runs out of ammo. For a cool trick, see if you can hit one of the Sniper's Huntsman arrows to set it on fire for extra damage. When you've depleted all your resources, switch to the Half-Zatoichi. Once it's out, you're not allowed to switch back until you kill someone with it, but when you do, you'll be back at full health!

Loadout B: Direct Hit, Buff Banner, Market Gardener 

It doesn't take smarts to lead a team, it takes courage! Rockets from the Direct Hit do less splash damage, but a lot more on true hits, if you've got the aim for it you'll be able to significantly reduce the enemy forces before you even close the distance. If you want to prevent them from getting away, fire at your feet for a rocketjump and switch to the Market Gardener and swing away. Hitting someone with that shovel while you're in the air will guarantee critical hits. Once you land again, your Buff Banner should be ready for deployment, giving yourself and all nearby teammates 10 seconds of guaranteed mini-crits. Leadership!