The Sniper: Boom, Headshot!

Key Roles: Leveling the Field, Sniper Wars

Best For: The patient, the precise, and the petty 

Often several football fields away from the action, The Sniper is usually in the least danger of all the classes. That is of course unless the other team's got one too. In that case you two will be playing an entirely different game with each other and ignoring the battlefield altogether while you fire aggravated shots at one another for a small sense of superiority, knowing you're the better shot.

Loadout A: Machina, Razorback, Shahanshah

Should you find yourself locked in the throes of mortal combat with an opposing sniper, this loadout will give you the best chance of making him rue the day he ever crossed barrels with you. The Machina is the most powerful rifle when it comes to single, charged shots and the Razorback will help keep you from getting shanked by any Spy who notices you're distracted. Should someone happen to make it on deck with you with a surprise attack, the Shahanshah will turn their one hit against you into a boon, providing you with 25% more damage per hit if you're below half of your health.

Loadout B: Huntsman, Jarate, Tribalman's Shiv 

If mobility's more your thing, the Huntsman is a fantastic weapon for mid-range combat if you can get the hang of its projectile arc, especially if you can manage to drench your enemies with piss by hitting them with a Jarate first. Should you find yourself cornered though, you're not likely to survive anyway so shank 'em with the Tribalman's Shiv and let them enjoy the bleeding damage after you're gone.