The Medic: Do No Harm

Key Roles: Heavy's Best Friend, Critical Assault

Best For: People who can stand constantly being yelled at


If that didn't annoy you, then you just might be the kind of person who can actually enjoy being a Medic. It's a thankless job and everyone will tell you that you're doing it wrong when you die, but the secret truth is that - like a good manager - The Medic knows how to make sacrifices. Sure, you may have let The Scout, The Soldier, and The Pyro die at the barrel end of a sentry, but by playing favorites with The Heavy, you ensured a path was clearcut straight through to the intel. You're welcome, ingrates.

Loadout A: Crusader's Crossbow, Übersaw, Kritzkrieg

If you're going to help lead a full-frontal assault, you're going to want as much firepower on your side as possible. The Kritzkrieg loads your Übercharge 25% faster and when deployed guarantees your subject deals critical hits for 8 full seconds, perfect for tearing through enemy forces. If that's not fast enough for you, the Übersaw grants an additional 25% fill with every successful hit and completely fills the meter if you pull off a successful Spinal Tap kill using the taunt button. Of course, you still have responsibilities as a Medic and the Crusader's Crossbow allows you to heal teammates at long-range by firing healing bolts right into their soft flesh.

Loadout B: Syringe Gun, Quick-Fix, Amputator 

Making sure everyone on your team is satisfied is a difficult proposition, but this loadout can help reduce a lot of their complaining. Unlike the other Medi-Guns, the Quick-Fix is designed to heal as quickly as possible and even faster when the Übercharge is deployed but prevents over-heal. You'll need to act a lot faster, switching between targets to make this work, but the end result will be more saved lives. All teammates in your immediate vicinity will receive some extra health when you taunt your enemies while holding the Amputator and in a pinch, your Syringe Gun will help stave off weaker aggressors. If you've done your job right though, you'll never need to use it as your friends will have your back!