City: Largo, FL
Date: July 2012

57-year-old puppeteer Ronald Brown was arrested after federal agents discovered that he had been chatting online with child pornography suspects about kidnapping, torturing, and killing children. Though his website promises "grins and giggles" for children, Brown allegedly said he wanted to tie a child up, lock him in a closet, and eat him for Easter supper. That's just one example.

In another conversation, he reportedly said that his "mouth watered" at the sight of a female toddler. Police searched his home in July and found CDs full of photographs of dead children and kids in bondage positions. He reportedly told FBI agents that he wanted to eat a boy he'd met at church.

Brown, who lives near several playgrounds and regularly invited children over for pizza, was arrested and charged with conspiring to kidnap a child and possession of child pornography.

[via Huffington Post]