City: Palm Beach County, FL
Date: April 2012

Millionaire John Goodman, 48, who founded the International Polo Club Palm Beach, went to great lengths to avoid jail time after killing a young man while driving drunk in 2010. In a sad attempt to protect his wealth, Goodman adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend Heather Ann Hutchins. Goodman had already established a $300 million trust for his two biological children, and adopting Hutchins would give her a portion of the trust. Goodman's own family opposed the adoption, and lawyers representing his teenage children filed a lawsuit to prevent their new sister from receiving any of the money.

Goodman agreed to pay $46 million to the family of 23-year-old Scott Wilson, who he killed while driving drunk in Wellington in 2010. Goodman faces 30 years in prison for DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

[via Huffington Post]