Watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians for the actual Kardashians is like putting ketchup on prime ribs: Stop it right now, you’re doing it wrong. The real reason you should be watching the series is that guy right up there.

Though he’s been featured as Kourtney Kardashian’s significant other for the entirety of the series and its numerous spin-offs, somehow Scott Disick manages to retain his likability while exhibiting behavior as preposterous as that of the family he associates himself with, especially during the show's current season. This can only be attributed to the fact that—although he had no problem parading around London this year with a gaudy Henry VIII-esque fur coat and a Chuck Bass-inspired cane while proclaiming that he’s now to be called “Lord Disick"—he recognizes how ridiculous the Kardashians really are, and he vocalizes it, often. 

By doing this, Scott, in a way, becomes the embodiment of most viewers, namely the ones who can’t fathom why this is E!’s most popular program yet still can’t stop watching for reasons unknown. Who would have thought Keeping Up with the Kardashians could be so philosophical?