Quantum Conundrum

Developer: Airtight Games

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Release Date: July 10, 2012 

Kim Swift is a legend in the indie community and rightfully so. Her student project Narbacular Drop eventually got her hired at Valve and working on the original Portal. However, despite her success and a solid position at what's considered by many the best video game company in the world, she left to bring us Quantum Conundrum.

Similar to Portal in that it's a first-person puzzle game, Quantum Conundrum has players manipulating the elements of their world by switching between dimensions that apply different characteristics to the pieces in play. For example, you'll switch to the fluffy dimension to pick up heavy things, hop into the reverse gravity dimension to throw Newton's laws out the window, and apply the slow dimension to maneuver around fast-moving elements.

Sure, it may lack the satisfyingly depressing taunts of GLaDOS, but it makes up for it with a cutesy aesthetic that adds a much needed adorableness to all the science. For the few hours it runs, Quantum Conundrum is a challenging and fulfilling game; we just hope Kim and her team keep innovating with new puzzle mechanics in the genre.