Developer: thatgamecompany

Platforms: PlayStation 3

Release Date: March 13, 2012 

As per usual, Jenova Chen and the team at thatgamecompany have found new ways to explore what games can deliver us and what they can teach us about ourselves along the way. A far more traditional game than the more experimental Flower and Flow that preceded it, Journey asks us whether or not the inherent good in people will lead us to help each other with no immediately recognizable benefit.

Capitalizing on the feelings of insignificance, wonder, and mystery that we so rarely feel in our daily self-important lives, Journey tasks us with making our way through its beautiful world with the only potential help coming from random players who connect to you online but cannot communicate with you. The intent was to disestablish assumptions players may have about each other to see if they were capable of working together, and it has proven incredibly effective.

Journey is both beautiful and enjoyable, but it can be thought provoking for those who seek to explore its themes deeper. With a soundtrack that's bar-none the best released this year (even the Grammy's think so), it's an evocative experience that's a must-play for indie enthusiasts.