Hotline Miami

Developer: Dennaton Games

Platforms: PC

Release Date: October 23, 2012 

Creepy carnage is the name of the game in Hotline Miami, but while at first glance you may only see the sic, fetishistic killing that colors the game's tone, there are a lot of intricate gameplay mechanics at work that make it intensely addictive. Learning how to properly manage your enemies' awareness, the weapons at your disposal, and the unsettling masks you wear at the start of each mission all play into a complex system that somehow always feels like you're in the midst of a Tarantino-style action flick.

Music plays a large role in the game, with the soundtrack pumping tunes that - while distinctly 80's - have a modern flair to them. Thumping bass and techno tones play part and parcel to the thrilling on-screen combat, keeping players distracted from their numerous failed attempts to slaughter buildings full of people.

On top of this blood-flavored sundae is a grim cherry of a storyline that will leave you asking more questions than finding answers, all the way through to the end. While you think you may know, there will always be a worm of an idea chewing the back of your brain while you play, forcing you to ask what's really going on?