Developer: Hitbox Team

Platforms: PC

Release Date: January 17, 2012 

My god, this game is fluid. We talk a lot about tight controls when they're precise, but the sheer range of movement offered in Dustforce is something to marvel at as you slide and sweep your way around its dirty world.

Taking the super team concept and applying it to a bunch of glorified janitors destined to save humanity from the unclean is a brilliant idea that works remarkably well. It's fun and a little silly, but in a way that's never completely self-aware which is part of its charm.

Great animation is what's at the heart of Dustforce though and you'll find a zen moment once you fully grasp how to maneuver your character through the increasingly complex stages of the game. It's not a total clean sweep in terms of gameplay, but what it offers is definitely a much cleaner experience than most indie action-platformers.