Occupation: Rapper

We've seen a lot of female rappers pop up over the past couple of years, but perhaps none quite as interesting and complicated as Angel Haze. When The New York Times asked her who she admires in hip-hop, she answered, "I can’t really even name a person I like in hip-hop music." The 21-year-old Brooklyn-based MC almost passed on trying to focus on music so she could go to college and study to be a neurosurgeon, but one listen to her intensely personal and fiercely confident deliveries and it sounds like she was made to be a rapper.

Even though Angel Haze is quickly earning a reputation as one of the premier MCs on the rise, she's still not sure if rapping is what she wants to do. She's taking guitar and vocal lessons and setting herself up for a transition outside of hip-hop, but first things first—she'll be kicking off 2013 by releasing 5 EPs (yes, really), and her album should drop around May. It's too early to predict what Angel Haze will be doing by the end of next year, but based on what we've seen so far, this unique young artist is destined to be one of the year's biggest things, whether she's in hip-hop or not. JM