We know what you're thinking, we thought the same thing ourselves: Of the 30,000 or so articles Complex published this year, how is it possible to narrow it down to the 112 best? Well, it's like the moms used to say: "Yeah, I love all of y'all, but some of you fuckers are prettier than the others."

It's true, the vee-en-tay doe-say was a big year for us, the biggest in fact. Men lie, women lie, but numbers don't: The Internets love us. And we love y'all, too. Yeah, we slip on occasion (wait, so the Red Sox didn't make the playoffs?), but y'all keep coming back, and we thank you for that. Here's hoping you and yours have a wonderful 2013. We know we will. Now, cue the soundtrack.


The 50 Greatest Menswear Brands of All Time (December 3)

25 Reasons Why Streetwear Is Still Relevant (August 2)

The 50 Funniest Slogan T-Shirts (March 12)

A Decade of Style: Great Moments in Complex Culture, Fashion, and Design (March 28)

Infographic: What Men's Style Blog Should You Be Reading? (May 17)

Board of Education: What Forum Culture Taught Us About Style (August 21)

Ryan Lochte's Guide To Looking Like an Olympic Douchebag (August 6)

The 50 Most Stylish Fat Guys of All Time (November 12)

10 Signs You're Trying Too Hard to Be Stylish (January 31)

The 50 Worst Dressed Celebrities of All Time (January 24)

25 Under 25: The Young Leaders of Style (November 8)

The 50 Most Stylish Neighborhoods in the World (October 9)

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Kendrick Lamar: Talkin' 'Bout My Generation (October 22)

25 Things Everyone Thinks About Hip-Hop (But Nobody Will Say) (November 28)

Taylor Swift: The Baddest B*tch in America (October 23)

The 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Beats of All Time (November 9)

How Much Time Is Needed to Declare a Rap Album "Classic"? (October 26)

20 Facebook Statuses That Use "Cruel Summer" Lyrics (September 18)

The 17 Most Hated On Rappers (Right Now) (November 20)

Justin Bieber: Second Round Knockout (March 19)

The 25 Best Rappers 25 and Under (June 14)

Chief Keef: Hail to the Chief (December 17)

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown: A Love Story (February 14)

Wiz Khalifa: Balancing Act (September 13)

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The 10 Sneakerhead Commandments (November 21)

The 50 Greatest Tennis Sneakers of All Time (October 18)

The 100 Best Nikes of All Time (December 5)

The 100 Best Air Jordans of All Time (April 23)

20 Ways the Sneaker Game Was Different 20 Years Ago (November 29)

30 Things You Didn't Know About the Air Force 1 (December 13)

Jon Warren's 25 Favorite Vans Sneakers of All Time (September 28)

The 10 Greatest Years in Sneaker History (September 10)

20 '70s Sneakers You Need to Know (July 24)

Did the Yeezys Jump Over the Jumpman? (July 2)

10 Signs You're a Lame Sneakerhead (September 17)

Times Have Changed: How I Got the First Supreme Dunks (July 19)

23 Things You May Not Know About Air Jordans (September 6)

A Complete Sneaker Guide to White Men Can't Jump (March 27)

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Photoshopped Propaganda: 21 Classic Rap Album Covers, Starring Politicians (October 25)

The Making of Workaholics (May 30)

The Magic Mike Complex: Why Can't a Straight Guy Like a Movie About Male Strippers? (October 23)

An Open Letter to the Old Lindsay Lohan (October 12)

The Liz Lemon Soundboard (October 4)

The 25 Craziest Things That Have Happened on Live Television (November 23)

10 Directors Who Have Never Made a Bad Movie (July 18)

A Detailed History of Celebrity Sex Tapes (September 20)

Born on the Bayou: Behind Beasts of the Southern Wild, the Year's Best Movie (So Far) (June 28)

The 25 Craziest Real-Life American Horror Stories (November 7)

The Will Ferrell Soundboard (August 6)

The 10 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Children's Books (February 28)

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Futura: The Art of Reinvention (August 13)

M.I.A.'s New Book Documents Her Greatest Work of Art: Herself (October 24)

Interview: Barbara Kruger Talks Her New Installation and Art in the Digital Age (August 24)

The 50 Greatest Street Photographers Right Now (June 6)

The Complete History of Art References in The Simpsons (January 9)

Poesia Discusses the Place of Progressive Graffiti in Art History (May 4)

How to Make it: 10 Rules for Success From Freelance Photographers (October 17)

The 50 Coolest Museums (March 29)

The 100 Most Influential Artists of the Complex Decade (April 12)

The 25 Best Songs About Graffiti (February 8)

20 Paintings Improved by Rappers (October 6)

Infographic: A Design History of the Gold Medal (July 23)

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How ESPN Lost Its Way (May 14)

The 20 Greatest Basketball Players to Never Play in the NBA (November 9)

Taking Sides: Two Brooklynites Debate Why They Will (and Won't) Leave the Knicks for the Nets (November 3)

Flowchart: When Will My Team Win an NBA Title? (May 1)

The 25 Greatest Sports Careers Ruined by Injury (October 5)

Complex Presents: The Mike Tyson Soundboard (June 29)

Who's the Real Dream Team? Ranking Every Team USA Olympic Basketball Squad (August 7)

The 50 Funniest Athlete Music Videos of All Time (August 9)

The 50 Cockiest Athletes of All Time (June 1)

J.R. Smith Talks Knicks vs. Nets, Groupie Rumors, and Twitter Drama (November 26)

The 25 Greatest Stoner Athletes of All Time (February 12)

The 25 Most Memorable Moments in Monday Night Football History (September 10)

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The 50 Greatest Mario Games (December 12)

The 15 Most Violent Sports Video Games (November 20)

Ed Boon's 12 Biggest Mortal Kombat Memories (September 12)

The 50 Best Video Game Easter Eggs (January 18)

The 11 Best Asses in Video Games (December 15)

The 25 Best Songs From the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtrack (December 3)

25 Video Games That Should Be in Quagmire's Collection (May 23)

Dude, You're Hot: 25 Male Video Game Characters Re-Imagined As Females (August 20)

50 Non-Violent Video Games That Don't Suck (October 24)

Infographic: 5 Video Game Fighting Moves That Could Work in Real Life (May 29)

The Evolution of the Nintendo Controller (November 16)

10 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Fake Gamer (October 31)

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25 Websites with the Best Comment Sections (November 27)

15 GIFs to Use As Email Responses (December 10)

The 9 People You Meet on Instagram (April 30)

UnGoogleable: Why Pinterest Is the Most Regrettable Social Network Yet (March 8)

The 100 Thirstiest Comments on Instagram (September 11)

25 iOS Tips and Tricks You Should Know (September 14)

The 50 Most Controversial Tweets of Summer 2012 (August 30)

The 100 Best Tumblrs of All Time (March 6)

25 Things Men Should Never Do on Social Media (November 26)

How Many Fake Twitter Followers Do Your Favorite Rappers Have? (August 15)

50 Funny Spelling Mistakes on Twitter (May 23)

The 25 Most Racist Tweets About The Hunger Games (March 27)

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R.I.P.: Remembering the Lives of Every Teenager Killed in Chicago This Summer (September 4)

The Oral History of the Tunnel (August 21)

The 50 Best New York City Movies (November 27)

100 Beers to Try Before You Die (December 10)

How to Be a Better Samaritan (December 5)

Watching the Election with My Republican Boyfriend (November 7)

The 25 Worst Meals in Movie History (July 20)

10 Signs It's Time to Give Up on Your Dreams (August 10)

The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Atlas (October 15)

The Complex Guide to Bodega Art (October 3)

The 15 Most Spectacular Celebrity-Owned Restaurant Fails (January 11)

Kim Kardashian Is About to Eat Something (August 5)

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The History of the Buick Grand National (December 14)

The 50 Best Supercars of All Time (October 23)

25 Celebrities Who Don't Deserve Their Nice Cars (November 27)

The Complete History of the Bugatti Veyron (November 28)

The Complete History of the Chevrolet Impala (May 24)

10 Reasons Why a Car is Better Than a Girlfriend (August 2)

10 Ways To Get a Girl Into the Backseat of Your Car (September 9)

10 Cars Under $25,000 That Will Get You Laid (September 25)

The 10 Most Annoying Kids To Have in a Carpool (September 25)

50 American Sports Cars That Don't Suck (August 29)

Why Hip-Hop Couldn't Save Maybach (August 23)

The 50 Best Cars of the Complex Decade (April 10)

The 50 Greatest Car Songs in Rap History (April 9)

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