Kung Fu Superstar: Become the Ultimate Martial Arts Stuntman

Creator: Kostas (Kinesthetic Games)

Date Ended: December 4, 2012

Initial Goal: £200,000

Final Amount: £94,010

Kickstarter Link 

Kung Fu Superstar had it all; a talented developer, a quality demo that showed the game's best elements, support from an industry icon, and a reasonable goal to meet. Yet, despite all this Kinesthetic Games' project barely reached half its funding, proving that no matter how promising a campaign may seem, sometimes it's just not in the cards if it doesn't deliver exactly what consumers want.

Anti-motion control sentiments have been rather pervasive since the technology has failed to deliver a truly great game. Perhaps Kostas and his team hoped to change all that with Kung Fu Superstar by delivering a martial arts experience specifically catered to the controller-free environment of the Kinect. Still, gamers just wouldn't have it and despite his best efforts, it didn't get supported.

This isn't entirely a sob story, the team still has some hope for the project as alluded to in their final Kickstarter update, but it just goes to show that not everything can work out all the time. When you turn your project over to the whims of the people, you have to accept the harsh reality that sometimes your game - no matter how good it seems - just isn't wanted.