Code Hero

Creator: Alex Peake

Date Ended: February 24, 2012

Initial Goal: $100,000

Final Amount: $170,954

Kickstarter Link 

When it comes to failure stories, Code Hero represents the worst nightmare of any Kickstarter backer. After nearly doubling the initial goal, backers of Code Hero were excited to see a game made that would teach them how to make their own games through a unique set of gameplay mechanics that would incorporate the players' creation. Nearly a year later it looked like creator Alex Peake has spent all the money and walked away from the project.

With nearly $200,00 of their money gone up in smoke with no sign of their rewards or word from the developers, Code Hero was either the result of a horribly managed project (part of the natural risk of crowd-funding) or an intentional deception by a crafty mastermind (unlikely). However, recent interviews have indicated that Peake is being held accountable for his progress and he intends to keep development on track with the first alpha releasing this week.

Whether this turns into a whole lot of unwarranted worry over a few missed deadlines, or one of the greatest examples of crowd-funding mismanagement still has yet to be seen. For those who've backed the project, the answer can't come soon enough, but time will quickly tell just which side of the spectrum Peake lays on.