How do you judge the year's best sports video games? After all, sports games represent their respectively different sports, with different fans, and the games featuring them just might not be for some people.

But that's the thing: The very best sports games are for everyone, fan or not. In the end, they're judged like any other genre would be judged against itself. Do the play modes draw you further into the depths of the video game and the actual sport more than the others? Do the graphics enhance the experience more than any of the other games? And do they also, crucially, improve upon a previous year's edition? If last year's version of a game was a bigger step forward than this year's game, that's a huge mark against it.

But when you bottom-line all of these sports video games against each other, it simply comes down to the gameplay: the controls, the learning curve, how addictive they are, and mostly, how much flat-out fun they are. And this year saw some very, very fun sports titles.

These are The 10 Best Sports Video Games of 2012.

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