Neighborhood: East Harlem
Address: 1259 Park Ave.
Website: N/A

This hallway of a watering hole is the third counterpart in the drinking game brought to the UES by the crew behind Earl's Beer and Cheese and ABV. These three bar and restaurants have transformed uptown into a cocktail-and-cheese-lover's wet dream. Guthrie Inn's convenient location beside Earl's makes slipping into both spots too easy; all of a sudden one hour out becomes six. Prime yourself at Earl's with a beer and a grilled cheese before heading to the Guthrie Inn to further whet your whistle.

At the Inn, look to classics like the Martinez and a briskly sweet Old Fashioned before ordering the house special Jackson Ward (Old Grand Dad 100 Proof bourbon, Nardini amaro, and Punt e Mes). The drinks and proximity to inspired bar grub is sure to reignite your appetite, making a trip back next door totally acceptable. Drink, eat, repeat.