A 22-year-old woman allegedly ran over her ex-boyfriend's mother in Austin, TX, after stalking the man for three months. While fleeing the scene of the crime, Elizabeth McClain reportedly sent him a text that read: "How's Life LOL." 25-year-old Ryan Boyd broke up with McClain in September after three years of dating. McClain didn't take it in stride.

Boyd filed a police report back in September claiming that McClain was calling him between 20 and 100 times daily, threatening to make his life miserable. Seems as if she made good on that promise. He tried to block her number, but ended up filing another police report in October after she began calling him from other phone numbers. By then, she was calling him a reported 750 times a day and sending him blocked text messages.

Boyd filed another police report last month after claiming that McClain sent him 126 consecutive texts, threatening his family and threatening to drive through his living room. After a November 26 confrontation with McClain, Boyd's mother, Lori, walked behind the young woman's vehicle to get her license plate number. That's when McClain threw the vehicle into reverse and ran Boy'd mother over, dragging her into the street.

Two minutes later, she sent Boyd the text. Boyd's mother survived the attack, but suffered several broken bones and had the skin scraped off the entire right side of her body. McClain was charged with aggravated assault with a motor vehicle and third degree felony stalking.

[via The Huffington Post]