A couple years back, fiction titan Stephen King publicly expressed his love for the show, and in response, Kurt Sutter offered him a chance to write, direct, or act in an episode. He chose the performance option, appearing as a hilariously creepy "cleaner" for SAMCRO named Bachman (a nod to King's frequently used pseudonym Richard Bachman) in an early season three episode. If the series is good enough for the king of horror fiction, then who are you to stunt on it?

Sons of Anarchy has also enjoyed special guest appearances from Joel McHale, Hal Holbrook, Danny Trejo, Chuck Zito, Ashley Tisdale (as a prostitute, no less), and Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger. More importantly, real-life motorcycle clubs—at least the ones that understand the need to dramatize and don't complain about everything from Clay's treachery to Jax's Air Forces—have also voiced their support.