Trying to run into Jay-Z and Kanye at the clear port while boarding a private jet? It's easy with the Billionaires Shop, a new online marketplace specifically geared towards billionaires. 

With a couple of clicks you can spend millions on all sorts of luxury items. Cop a penthouse in Miami for $8 million or buy a brand new Ferrari 458 for $230,000. The concept was developed by the international gambling company that runs The goal was provide an outlet for winners to spend their earnings. 

A spokesperson for the site discussed why the online shop was launched with Mashable:

"Gambling companies don't always take care of the winners by offering advice on how to spend money. We wanted to change that. Luxury items and products are often hard to find and buy. At, it's the opposite: easy, available and curated. It serves as an inspiration to all people -- not just billionaires -- who love to dream big."

Yachts are currently the most popular purchase. Check out the Billionaires Shop website here.

[The Billionaires Shop via Mashable]