Some people take Yelp far too seriously, but one restaurant has decided to make fun of themselves and the people who live by the holy scriptures of Yelp by playing recordings of negative reviews on their bathroom stereo system.

Craft & Commerce, a cocktail bar and gastropub in San Diego, has decided to take negative press and turn it into something positive and funny. It's a brilliant marketing strategy. Owner Arsalun Tafazoli was initially bothered by the negative reviews until he realized that even restaurants like New York's Momofuku Noodle Bar receive mediocre reviews on Yelp.

Suddenly inspired, he asked friends and coworkers to read the negative comments into a tape recorder. At the end of the day, a restaurant that ditches ketchup and vodka because the owner doesn't like them shouldn't care what people think about it. 

[via LAist and the Huffington Post]