When it comes to gift giving, as the old saying goes, it's the thought that counts. So, this holiday season, why not skip the lame pair of slippers or that boring tie and give Mom and Dad a gift so awesome they'll feel obligated to return the favor. With the AT&T Gift Money Can't Buy Holiday Program, kids have the chance to give presents that parents will remember the whole year through—all of which money can not buy.

How about sending Dad a top secret golf tip from pro golfer Keegan Bradley? Or a guitar solo from Richie Sambora? (Dad, we all hear you listening to your old records in the garage, it's okay!) And for Mom, how about a longing look from Luke Perry? Or a portrait drawn by a really adorable kindergartner? (Seriously, Mom, she is insanely cute.) These and many other gifts are available now. Happy holidays from AT&T!

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