The NYPD has reportedly arrested 10 leaders of the Bronx gang WTG (We The Greatest), who became infamous for using Facebook to recruit new members. What the group failed to realize was that their recruiting process helped authorities build a case against them. WTG was quite fond of Facebook, frequently using the social media network to communicate with each other and prospective members. Just like this:

In an August 2011 message, Winston Williams, aka “Zeb,” told a prospective WTG member, “yu need 100 to put toward da pot for gloks n yu need to be approved by da top 5.”

Ronald Davis, aka “Ron G,” told a prospective WTG member, “Yo bro, I want u to be WTG but u gotta put up chipz on da glock dun u my bro,” adding, “100” when asked how much. A prospective gang member asked, “You gonna turn me dub tee or when I pay for the gun?” and DAVIS responded, “Friday but if u dnt give me dat den ugonna get parked. Parked = droped from WTG Imma teach u the lingo.”

"The suspects apprehended today recruited gun-toting accomplices using social media apps. The violence that resulted went just as viral until the members of the NYPD 44th Precinct field intelligence unit and strategic enforcement teams stepped in," said NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

During Wednesday's raid, officers seized PCP, crack, drug paraphernalia and six weapons. The "Big Homies" (gang leaders) were each charged with conspiracy to commit murder, assault, weapons possessions and sales, narcotics possessions and sales and numerous other charges. The youngest suspect is 17.

[via Gothamist]