You may think Apple is forcing their products down your throat, but you've never felt this woman's pain. Upper East Side resident Jaime Gattung is suing her patent lawyer ex-boyfriend for shoving her iPhone down her throat. 38-year-old Brian Anscomb was found guilty last year, and now Gattung is taking legal action against him. 

During a July 2011 argument, the controlling (and crazy) Anscomb used his fingers to open Gattung's mouth and shoved her iPhone down the hatch. Apparently, he wanted the password to her phone, and was furious when she refused to give him what he wanted. Gattung suffered bruises and cuts to her her throat.

Anscomb was sentenced to three years probation after pleading guilty to third degree assault. This wasn't the former couple's first fight over an iPhone, as Anscomb reportedly snapped one of Gattung's phones in half before giving her a black eye. It's a good these two broke up.

[via Gothamist]