30-year-old Naeem Davis, who has been charged with second degree murder for pushing Ki-Suk Han onto the subway tracks at 49th Street in Manhattan and leaving him to die, has pleaded not guilty. Though Davis confessed to the crime, he says that he acted in self-defense, claiming that Ki-Suk Han attacked and grabbed him. 

Davis claims that Han was drunk and armed with a knife, but Assistant District Attorney James Lin has disputed Davis's claims, saying that he had already left the station after watching Han die. However, early reports did state that Han's wife said he had been drinking prior to leaving the house, and law enforcement officials told the New York Post that Han had a bottle of vodka on his person at the time of his death.

Witnesses have said that Han and Davis were arguing prior to Han's death, and one witness claims that Han was the aggressor. Davis remains in police custody, where he's being held without bail.

[via Gawker]