If you have a burning desire to get locked up, this should set you straight. An investigation is underway after corrections officers at the Sampson Correctional Institution in North Carolina were accused of several heinous acts of cruelty, including forcing a group of prisoners to rub hot sauce on their genitals. That was painful just to write.

Prisoners also allege that the guards forced them to "catch deadly snakes and kiss them [on] the mouth, and toss bunnies into oncoming traffic" for access to cigarettes and beer, and the privilege of working on road crew. 

The six inmates first spoke out in July, issuing a hand-written letter to the U.S. District Court in Greensboro. A blog post, which appears to be a typed version of the letter, adds that the hot sauce they were forced to rub on their genitals and eventually ingest was a rare brand only available online or at specialty stores.

Below is a list of the torment they were subject to while working on the road crew:

1. Officers forcing three white men to force down a black man and grab his testicles and make him scream and swear that, "HE IS WHITE AND PROUD OF IT," as we sit in a church parking lot.

2. Forcing inmates to pull down their pants and boxers so the officers can witness us applying hot sauce directly on our rectums and testicles, which leaves blisters on the skin and in some cases leaves the skin raw for days.

3. Forcing a black man to grab a white man from behind and initiate homosexual gestures of pleasure, while biting his back.

4. Forcing us to catch deadly snakes and kiss them in the mouth. 5. Forcing us to catch rabbits and field mice for the sole purpose of throwing them in front of on-coming traffic to see them killed.

According to a spokeswoman for the North Carolina Public Safety Department, the prison system first learned of the allegations through internal grievances filed by the inmates, not the letter that was sent to the court. Not even people whose mistakes have landed them behind bars deserve to be treated like this.

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