It won't be long now before America's favorite serial killer kills his last kill and Dexter finally comes to an end. With one more season left in the series, star Michael C. Hall, like most fans, has a few theories about what will happen on the show during its last year—and unlike most fans, he has the added advantage of playing said serial killer, so we should probably listen to what he says. Luckily for us, he relayed a few of them to Salon in a new interview. Tell us, Michael:

I imagine Dexter is going to get caught one way or the other. And by that I mean, can we really expect him, at this point, to walk into the sunset? Or get off without a blemish on his conscience or character? In a way, he is already caught. Once Rita dies he is caught. Once Deb is in on the secret he is caught. And what he’s caught by is the undeniable fact that how he conducts himself has an effect on more than just him and his victims. As far as whether he goes to jail, or gets put to death, or gets hit by a bus or whatever it might be, I can’t say. But I think, in a way, we are watching someone slowly but surely get caught.

So, things aren't looking that hot for our hero. Interesting. The season seven finale of Dexter, aptly titled "Surprise, Motherf**ker!" will air next Sunday, December 16th, on Showtime.

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[via Salon]