Bad news: According to The Hollywood Reporter, TNT has opted to not move forward with another season of drama series Leverage. Executive producer Dean Devlin confirmed the news on a fan site for the show yesterday, saying that the season five finale, The Long Goodbye Job, is the "final goodbye" for the series.

It has been decided today that this Tuesday’s episode of Leverage “The Long Goodbye Job” will be the series finale as TNT has decided not to renew the show for a sixth season.

I want to take the opportunity to thank TNT for five amazing seasons and 77 episodes of a show that has been so good to me. I’m incredibly proud of the show and what we’ve accomplished. Throughout this journey TNT have been the most amazing partners. Their support and collaboration I will cherish forever.

Just earlier this month, Devlin wrote a letter to the same Leverage fansite revealing that the upcoming Christmas-themed finale was the episode that was always intended to end the series. "We knew there were only five more [episodes] to go [in the season], and we had to make a decision," Devlin wrote, "We decided to make the decision. We knew it was risky, so we thought, 'Let's go for it.'" 

The final episode will air on Tuesday, December 25th at 10 PM on TNT.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]