A report from the city's Comptroller office shows that lawsuits filed against the NYPD are at a "historical high" of 8,882. The report states that the "NYPD has seen the number of claims rise 55 percent over the last five years." The $185.6 million that the city paid in settlement money last year was a 35% increase over the $137.3 million paid in 2010.

The report also claims that there was a drop in complaints made against police to the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB). This essentially means that people are skipping the CCRB and filing complaints and civil actions directly. The report also suggests that the NYPD has begun tracking individual officers named in these lawsuits and payouts. That's nothing new, as the CCRB already tracks complaints of police misconduct. 

The map above (second image) shows the precincts where each claim against the NYPD came from in 2011. It's not exactly easy to read, but you'll understand the point that's being made.

[via Gothamist]