It’s no secret that the castmembers of Seinfeld – excluding Jerry Seinfeld himself – have found it difficult to move out of the shadow of their hit show, but once we saw Julia Louis-Dreyfus recapture her celebrity by starring on HBO’s Veep, we knew that anything was possible. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Alexander, who famously played George Costanza, will try to reignite his career by guest starring on Community this season. The actor even sent out a tweet about it.

Oddly enough, Alexander recently began wearing a hairpiece in public, which further removed him from the George character. At first we didn’t believe this new faux hair would do anything for his career, but here he is about to appear on a cult-favorite comedy. A little hair can go a long way, apparently. We’ll have more information on this top-secret guest spot as it becomes available.

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