So the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards are over, and we are still sifting through all of the new game trailers from the weekend.

What has caused the most collective Internet detective work from the show was this trailer for The Phantom Pain. A game that no one had heard of, by a studio that doesn't really exist. Moby Dick Studios for all intents is completely fictitious, and didn't exist till a few months back. 

The Swedish developer came out of nowhere to debut this trailer with a main character that shares more than a passing resemblance to Senor Snake. The company's website has this to say about itself:

"Moby Dick Studio is a game developing company operating out of Stockholm, Sweden. Moby Dick Studio was founded by CEO Joakim Mogren who after years of working for a major American developer brought together people out of various game studios from around the Scandinavian area to start something new.

Our goal is to deliver an uncompromising, exciting and touching game experience to people all around the globe.

We will shortly be disclosing information regarding our first major release."

Wow. Doesn't get more vague than that, does it?

If you rearrange the letters in Joakim, you end up with Kojima. As in Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series. Watch the trailer for yourself. Check out the image and tell us if we are reading too much into this, but we've got a feeling that we are on point with this.

[via Joystiq]