Fret not, America's Got Talent fans: There is much more Howard Stern to come. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the famed radio personality is set to return to judge the reality competition for a second season, making him the first confirmed judge so far.

While it was no doubt money that cemented his decision to come back for another season - it was rumored that he was offered $15 million for his first season judging the series - it seems that Stern actually really does like the show. There are just a couple of things he'd change if he were in charge, though: "Believe me, if I was the only judge, I think the show would be terrific," Stern said on his SiruisXM radio show when he announced his return to the NBC reality series, "You don't need the other judges, but all right."

As for the poor judges who are going to be sharing the panel with Stern - previous judge Sharon Osbourne has already stated she won't be returning to the series, and Howie Mandel isn't yet sure if he's going to return or not. 

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]