During season one, it became clear that viewers were watching the next great cable drama after the standout episode “The Weekend” featured minimal action and towering performances from Claire Danes and Damian Lewis opposite each other in mostly one location. This season's answer to that, and new contender for best episode of the series, is undoubtedly the fifth hour, “Q & A,” which focuses almost exclusively on Nicholas Brody’s interrogation.

The meeting between the dogged analyst whom nobody believed and her lover/war hero/undercover terrorist, with all of their cards finally on the table, has been an anticipated showdown since the season finale. And it didn't disappoint, thanks, once again, to Danes and Lewis, as well as a wonderfully written, nuanced, and honest interrogation scene. Lewis especially all but secures his spot among next year’s Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama nominees with an effectively minimalist performance, as Brody practically crumbles under the weight of his many lies.