Flaws and all, Homeland's second run works best when contextualized as an in-depth Brody character study. For whatever reason (perhaps Claire Danes’ real-life pregnancy), Carrie’s screen time was scaled back slightly but noticeably in favor of more time devoted to showcasing Brody’s world incrementally crumbling around him.

The lies and double life continuously take a toll on his marriage, family, and his mind, as an existence spent as a pawn is only doubled by his CIA deal. Great episodes like “The Clearing” effectively depicted his secret shame over being far from the man people see and/or want him to be.

With Dana’s rejection as a final straw, it all builds to a beautifully portrayed breakdown in “I’ll Fly Away,” in which he briefly but genuinely doesn’t give a fuck what happens to him as long as he’s free of Nazir, Roya, Walden, the CIA, etc. It's truly powerful acting.