PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Developer: Superbot Entertainment

Platforms: PlayStation Vita

Release Date: November 20, 2012

If there's one thing that would have made the 3DS a killer system, it would have been a portable version of Super Smash Bros. Unfortunately for Nintendo, Sony has beaten them to the punch with an unbelievably fantastic adaptation of the four-player mascot brawler genre that's perfect on the go.

Designed with time limits in mind rather than life meters or kills, each match only lasts about 3-5 minutes, making it great for short trips or busy lines. The offering of characters is diverse and encompass a wide-range of PlayStation history while the stages are unique mashups that will have play on your nostalgia.

What kicks the game into overdrive is the more-than-competent online functionality and the fact that it's fully supports the new PlayStation cross play functionality, making it the first portable game to play well with its parent console. The simplicity of the controls make it great for players who enjoy fighting games, but hate the minutia of remembering combos, while there's enough depth to the system to make strategizing a legitimate part of the gameplay. Bar none, this is the most fun you can have on the PlayStation Vita.