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One of the remarkable things about AMC's massively successful zombie series The Walking Dead is that it's turned millions of people who'd never give Lucio Fulci's Zombi the time of day into gorehounds hungry for more on-screen carnage. Well, undead late-comers, here's your manual for all things cadaverous and cannibalistic.

This second edition of walker fanatic Glenn Kay's indispensable Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide includes over 300 reviews of rejuvenated corpse films dating back to the 1930s, interviews with experts like director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) and makeup effects maestro Greg Nicotero, and fun lists ("Zombie-Less Zombie Films," for example). Best of all, Kay's assessments are penned with tons of wit, humor, and playfulness, making Zombie Movies more "knowledgeable fan passion project" than "dry, academic resource."