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Behold what, in our opinion, is the year's bravest and rawest memoir. Kier-La Janisse, a veteran movie programmer and journalist, uses her lifelong fascination with female-character-driven horror cinema to reflect on her own life's darkest episodes and psychological issues in the unflinching House of Psychotic Women. Touching on everything from abandonment to physical abuse, Janisse's closet-cleaning writing is made all the more haunting as she draws parallels to popular flicks (Black Swan, Rosemary's Baby) and more obscure ones (All the Colors of the Dark, Let's Scare Jessica to Death).

In addition to the diary-like chapters, House of Psychotic Women includes 32 pages of accompanying movie posters, as well as a sprawling "reviews" section where Janisse sharply assesses as many women-in-peril horror pictures as humanly possible.