Click here to Buy it Now from Lenovo, $999

Bottom Line: It's the ultimate Windows 8 experience. It's the standard for the next generation of PC computing, and possibly, tablet computing. Those four modes you've likely seen advertised on TV? They work, and work brilliantly well: Unlike, say, an iPad, this thing stays sturdy when you kick it up into either of the two viewing modes. That Intel Core i3 is a beast for less than $1,000. Above all of that? It's light, it's slick, and it's one of the first computers that will genuinely "wow" everyone you know since the MacBook Air, and unlike the Air, you can get it new for under a grand. Yes, it's right behind the line, but it's also at the frontline of what happens next, and Lenovo knows how to make a laptop that will last. In other words, if you're the first to get one of these, you won't regret it for a while to come (unlike some other computer companies' products). You want to flex? This thing can flex.