Facebook recently unveiled a newly-designed Timeline to a small number of users. The new interface is intended to bring significant changes to your overall Facebook experience.

The Timeline, discovered by a producer at ABC News, is a mix of old and new features. The fresh design now includes an About tab, which displays all the information you've given the social network about yourself as well as your full friends list. Thumbnail pictures for Friends, Photos and Map, however, have been removed.

A spokesperson for Facebook recently discussed the changes: "This is a new design Facebook is testing with a small percentage of people to make navigating Timeline even easier."

Mashable is also reporting that:

And as Facebook previously announced, the word "subscribers" is being replaced with the Twitter-like term "followers." Your followers number will no longer be shortened once it gets into the tens of thousands.

Has your Facebook Timeline been updated? Do you find it easier to navigate? 

[via Mashable]