After breaking numerous records with the release of Call Of Duty: Black Ops II in November, Activision just received one more accolade: Creating the most popular YouTube trailer of 2012. 

Anticipation was so high for the latest Call of Duty release that it dominated the top two slots of  YouTube's top trailers with 35.2 and 29.6 million views, respectively. Overall, the trailer received 82 million views in 2012 with two other trailers taking the eight and tenth positions on the list.

Movies dominate the rest of YouTube's Top 10 trailer Leaderboard of 2012 with The Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall taking the third and fourth positions behind Black Ops II. TedThe Hunger Games also made the list along with NBC's Revolution, the only television show to make the list. 

YouTube managing director Tara Levy discussed the 2012 top trailer list with Wired:

“Youtube is a platform where video games can generate the same scale of interest as mainstream movies. Brands from Activision to traditional entertainment studios are clearly succeeding in this new world.”

Which movie, video game, or television trailer did you enjoy the most this year?

[Think With Google via Wired]