A customer at a California restaurant was stunned to find out that her server had rung her and two of her friends up as "Fat Girls." Christine Duran went out to dinner with two friends at Chilly D's Sports Lounge, located inside a casino in Stockton, CA.

Duran said the group immediately complained to the restaurant manager, but were unsatisfied with his response. According to Duran, he wore a smirk through the entire ordeal, as if he was "trying not to laugh." He offered them 25 and 50 percent off their tab, but they still refused to pay. 

The restaurant made a post about the incident on Facebook, and said that the employee who wrote "Fat Girls" on the receipt was fired:

What happened to those girls at our bar was unacceptable and is in no way a reflection of how we run our business. We are just as appalled at what happened to these ladies and this employee has been immediately terminated. We are a family run business and strive to make our customers feel welcomed and appreciated. My family is embarrassed and we are holding a full staff meeting to re-train all of our remaining employees so that this never happens again. In no manner do we want to be associated with this type of behavior and it is devastating that one persons behavior has reflected on our family's establishment. My hope is, that we can rectify the situation by taking immediate action with this employee and by extending our most sincere apologies to these ladies and anyone that has been affected by this situation.

[via LAist]