Because reality television hasn't exploited enough people yet, EW is reporting that TLC has just picked up a series about elaborate funerals, titled - wait for it - Best Funeral Ever.

The series will surround the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, Texas, which specializes in planning funerals around a central theme, then throwing a "wild" party after. An example of one of the funerals Golden Gate plans: a Christmas-inspired funeral reindeer and even snow. Creepy doesn't even begin to cover it.

"We’re going to make these families extremely happy at the worst moments of their lives," funeral director John Beckwith, Jr. commented. 

The series will start off as a special that will air on December 26th, which could potentially be a backdoor pilot if it's successful. And really, it's a funeral-version of My Super Sweet 16 - how could it not be successful?

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[via EW]