This sounds like it could be really awesome or really horrible, so naturally we're pretty excited about it: According to TV Line, the CW has just picked up a new reality series that bears some similarities to The Hunger Games, called The Hunt.

The hour-long competition series will reportedly follow 12 teams of two over a months time, and call for contestants to "rely on their physicality, survival skills and hunting abilities to endure food-, water- and shelter-free conditions" as they literally hunt and capture one another. Anyone who has ever seen and/or read The Hunger Games will know that this is an awful idea for an actual show, so it's fitting for the CW network.

The network also picked up a dating show called Perfect Score, in which two people choose their ideal mate from a line-up of 12 people. If that already sounds demeaning enough, don't worry, it gets worse: The people have all taken compatibility tests prior to the episode which assigns dollar amounts to the prospective matches. The closer someone gets to choosing their perfect match, the more money they're awarded for their first date. It makes no sense, but once again, this is the CW.

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[via TV Line]