Director: Mark Tarlov
Stars: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sean Patrick Flanery, Patricia Clarkson, Amanda Peet
Lame Love Song: "Every Little Thing (He) Does is Magic," Shawn Colvin
Love Conquers: A magic crab

A man sells Amanda (Sarah Michelle Gellar) a magical crab that can cast spells by waving its claw. At the same market where she purchases the crab, Amanda also meets the love of her life (Sean Patrick Flanery). For some reason, Gellar is endowed with magical culinary powers; for example, when she cries into food she is preparing...the person who eats it cries also! This is great, except that the man she loves thinks she might be a witch.

Unless you and the lady's date plans involve the smoking of some dank nuggs, we are going to recommend you pass on this one. So did Gene Siskel, who gave this film, the last he ever reviewed, a thumbs down.